Account for All Your People • In Any Emergency • Anywhere • Instantly • Automatically • On the Run

The only Mass Emergency Notification System that accounts for all your people

Instantly know the status of your people. They simply click a link. They don't need to place a call or type a message. 911 Headcount won’t give up sending messages until every recipient responds.

Simple, bulletproof, and completely reliable

Once you've initiated the headcount, it will continue contacting your people until they are all accounted for or the crisis is over and you terminate the headcount.

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Launch your Headcount on the Run

You can use any mobile device to launch 911 Headcount - you don't need access to a computer to initiate or manage your headcount, allowing you to evacuate the danger zone along with your people.

Completely Automatic

After initiation it's completely automatic, with triple redundancy to ensure it reaches your people no matter where they are or what device they're using.

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911 Headcount includes all your visitors and contractors, giving you an accurate picture of who has evacuated - this meets federal requirements for evacuation control.

Account for visitors, contractors, interns, and employees

It isn't enough to just count the people who work in your organization - you are required to know who is on your premises, and where they are if there's an emergency. With 911 Headcount, it doesn't matter if your visitor log gets left behind. The system automatically includes them in your headcount.

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Always connected

Triple redundancy ensures that you stay connected to your employees, visitors and contractors as well as the emergency services who arrive to assist. With cellular calls, text messages, emails, and satellite phones all sent simultaneously through the Headcount system, your people will get the message regardless of what technology platform they're using.

Never in the Dark

With optional two-way radio, satellite communications, and backup power generators, you'll never be out of contact with your people, your management, or the emergency responders who arrive to help.

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The 911 Headcount System is so unique it’s patented - no other system offers this ability to account for all your people on the run. We developed it as a direct response to the needs of our clients - major multinationals and Fortune 500 companies that couldn't find an emergency notification system capable of ensuring there would never be a breakdown in communications in an emergency.

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